Including the villages Schröcken/ Warth /Lech

The Walser at the Tannberg


The Walser at the Tannberg

People from the Swiss canton Wallis started settling in Vorarlberg about 700 years ago. Today, 17 villages in Vorarlberg count to the former settlements of the people from Wallis, these include Warth, Schröcken and Lech. Customs, dialect, and the traditional costumes of the Walser people are still alive in these villages.

Persistence, modesty and stubbornness are traits that are often associated with people living in the mountains. To survive in the barren landscape of the Alps these traits are inevitable.

Follow the tracks of the Walser settlers at the Tannberg on the 85 kilometres long Tannberg hiking path.

57 historico-cultural sights like alp houses, historic trade routes, etc. bring you closer to the culture, customs and traditions of the Walser people at the Tannberg.