🌱You can send your car on holiday during your stay at the Jägeralpe, because you do not need it here. The hiking bus of Warth-Schröcken is usable free of charge for our hotel guests.

🌱We ask your guests to bring their own bath slippers from home. Through this we can reduce the amount of waste we produce. Please support us in this matter!

🌱Since 2019 our guests receive homemade cookies instead of plastic packed cookies with their coffee.

🌱Harvest wild chive – equipped with knifes and scissors the wild chive is harvested during a hike in the surrounding nature. One of the best ways to conclude a day in the mountains is by eating a hearty slice of bread and butter topped with freshly harvested chive.

🌱Of course, all our drinks in the restaurant and in our cocktail bar Oscar’s are served with straws made of paper, pasta dough, etc.

🌱Once per week we serve a meal that consists to 100% of regional foods. Buying local products, not only foods.

🌱The workwear we use is produced in in Austria, Germany or Czechia. Our partners employ their seamstresses at these locations and we decided the models based on the production site.

🌱Since 1996 we use toilettes with converted toilet tanks to reduce the water consumption. Nowadays this is a standard – TOP!

🌱The hotel is heated solely with pellets (from Vorarlberg). The 400 kW pellet heating is able to supply all buildings.

🌱The power we use comes from our own 18,98 kWp photovoltaic system and the 200 sqm thermal solar system.

🌱The cleaning agents used in the Hotel are mostly from Ecolab. These detergents are awarded the Nordic Swan and the EU-Ecolabel, and are listed in the Ökorein-List of the Austrian environmental consulting. In the areas dishwashers, dishwashing detergent, laundry detergents and general-purpose cleaner 70% (based on weight) organic products are used. The detergents are automatically dosed with water by our dosage system.

🌱For all print forms we use recycling paper or paper from sustainable forestry.

🌱With preference we obtain our products from local farmers and small suppliers. In the breakfast menu our local partners are introduced. Bread and milk from Warth, honey from Holzgau, yoghurt from Au, apples… With your stay in our hotel you help to continue this successful and important path.