Weekly part of the hiking programm

Sunrise Hike

Feel the power of the rising sun and the sense of happiness that comes with it!

The sky turns red and the sun slowly rises between two mountain peaks, this is what you experience when you come on a sunrise hike with us. After the short hike to the mountain top (about 1 hour hiking time) we are waiting for the “magic moment” to happen.
The constantly changing cloud formations, the lightning, the atmosphere.. to witness the awakening of nature, simply fantastic.

The way down leads directly to the breakfast. We can assure you, there is no better way to start the day (Please notice that this hike is only possible in good weather).

With the Warth Card you are free to use the hiking busses between Warth and Lech to climb the mountains of the Arlberg region. After a long day in the mountains, we suggest to visit the forest swimming pool in Lech or a relaxing massage in the hotel. Enjoy the Jägeralpe and the wonderful nature of the Tannberg.

Feel the power of the sunrise.