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Hotel Jägeralpe
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Step, breathe, step, ...

Ski touring can have a meditative effect and already after a short distance you have left behind the hustle and bustle of everyday life. This sport is not just a perfect cardio training, but gives you the opportunity to enjoy nature with all your senses. Your mind can relax and everyday life can be forgotten for a moment. The snow-covered landscape provides you with the chance to reconnect with nature.

The area around the Tannberg is perfect for ambitious ski tourers and for those, who want to try it out. Easy tours for beginners as well as tours lasting for several hours, the local ski guides will select a perfectly fitting tour depending on your know-how and fitness. The local guides will bring you to remotest and most astonishing places around Warth-Schröcken.

Since the merge of the ski areas Warth-Schröcken and Lech, you also have the possibility to undertake ski tours to Lech. The ski tours to Lech used to be very demanding, but now the lift between Lech and Warth-Schröcken can be used to shorten the tours, if needed.

Your advantages in Warth-Schröcken

  • Start directly from the hotel to the most beautiful places around the Tannberg
  • Ski touring above the tree line
  • The altitude of 1.600m provides a high certainty of snow
  • Usage of the ski lifts (safes your strength for the following climbs and powder runs)
  • Even more touring possibilities to Lech/ St. Anton
  • Varied programmes of the alpine schools in Warth-Schröcken: trial ski tours (beginners), ski touring camps, night ski tours, etc.
„Hiking is an activity for your legs and a state of mind.“

by Josef Hofmiller

Book before your arrival

Camps and Tours

Safety Off-Piste Camp
Safety Off-Piste Camp
Safety off-piste camp in Warth/ Arlberg for free riders and ski tourers. The basics about safety off-piste are taught by one of ski guides of the ski school Arlberg Snowsports. To provide the attendants with as much information and tips as possible, is to goal of this camp. You will be taught the basic knowledge that is needed if you want to go off-piste to enjoy the powder at the Arlberg.

- snow and avalanche awareness
- assessment of the danger of avalanches
- avalanche search
- usage of the LVS and ABS systems
- usage of maps
- organisation and preparation of ski tours

Booking and registration
Ski school office Arlberg Snowsports in Warth.
Telephone: +43 664 3833632
E-mail: ski@arlberg-snowpsorts.at
Unberührte Natur im Skigebiet Warth-Schröcken

Trial Ski Tour

The trial ski tour is perfect for people who want an easy introduction to this sport. The ski tours are perfect for people who have no or just a little experience with ski touring.
During this tour, the handling of the LVS device is explained and shown, the technique is explained and the guide provides further helpful tips. After this tour, you already know the most important basics of ski touring. After a short climb, a wonderful powder run is waiting for you. You will be fascinated.

Facts ski school Warth:
• meeting point on Thursdays at 1015 am at the ski school Warth
• prerequisite: parallel skiing and some off-piste experience
• safety equipment is provided by the ski school (backpack with probe, shovel, LVS device)
• ski touring equipment (skis and skins) can be rented in the sports shop Jug directly at the hotel
• duration about 2.5 hours (45mins ascend)
• registration by the day before (4 pm the latest)

Ski- and Snowboard School Warth
Mathias FRITZ
6767 Warth Nr. 77
T +43 5583 3443
Skitouring Camps
The local ski guides of the ski school Warth will show you the most beautiful places off-piste.

- 4 to 6 participants
- 3 ski tours at the Arlberg and the Tannberg, without using the ski lifts (no lift pass needed)
- daily tour plning
- risk management
- PIEPS backpack with shovel, probe and LVS device
- PIEPS premium alpine performance presentation
- PIEPS surprise gift

Skischulleiter Mathias FRITZ
6767 Warth, Nr. 77
T +43 5583 3443
Nigh Ski Tour
The night ski tour is a special highlight! Equipped with a headlight you are touring under the cover of the darkness. After an easy ascend of 300 meters with a duration of about 1,5 hours you reach the peak. Experience the unique landscape of the Tannberg covered in snow. Together with the silence of the night, you harmonize your body and soul. After the ascend, the powder run is already waiting for you.

- every Thursday at 4.30 pm
- meeting point: Sport shop Jug, Valley station Salober-Jet
- duration: about 2,5 hours
- prerequisite: good skiing skills off-piste
- food and drinks are not included

Contact and booking
Jürgen Strolz
6888 Schröcken-Nesslegg 37
T +43 664 380 15 40

Important Information!

People who go off-piste on their own, have to be aware of the risk and definitely need to be able to use the safety equipment correctly. In your own interest and for the safety of the other ski tourers please be aware of the following points:

Important Information!

  • Never go off-piste alone!
  • Wear an activated LVS advice at all times!
  • It is obligatory to take the complete safety equipment with you! This includes a probe, a shovel, a LVS Gerät, a first aid package, a mobile phone, (and an avalanche air bag)
  • Inform yourself about the weather and the avalanche situation!
  • Never ski in closed areas. You do not only bring yourself in danger, but also other people and the rescue teams!
  • Plan your tours according to your fitness and your skiing skills!
  • Inform other people about your planned tour and the estimated time of return!
  • For a safe ski touring experience the local ski guides and mountain guides are at your disposal!

Avalanche warning centre Vorarlberg
Information regarding the current avalanche warning can be downloaded as PDF or you can call the avalanche warning centre +43 (0) 5574 2011588