Winter 2020/2021

Carefree Holiday Planning

In order to guarantee you a carefree and safe winter holiday in the Jägeralpe we implemented the following measures and altered our cancellation policy.

Your holiday is in case of illness as well as in the case of officially ordered quarantine for you or your family members (living in the same household) covered by insurance.

Travel Insurance and Cancellation Policy

For all existing and new reservations in the Jägeralpe for the upcoming winter season 2020/2021 the free Covid-19 travel insurance of Vorarlberg is valid.

  • Free Covid-19 travel insurance/ cancellation insurance for all reservations in the Jägeralpe for the upcoming winter season 2020/2021
  • Valid for all reservations – also for the ones already transacted
  • Insured event: the Covid-19 illness or an officially ordered quarantine for you or the family members living in the same household
  • Verification: official cancellation bill of your hotel and a positive Covid-19 test or the official quarantine order
  • Insurance sum: up to € 3.000 per guest (e.g. four-person family: up to 4 x € 3.000 = € 12.000)
  • Guaranteed cost reimbursement in case of Covid-19 illness or quarantine, independent of the further development of the pandemic

For your flexibility we have altered our cancellation policy even further:

Free cancellation until 48 hours before your arrival

All reservations for the winter season 2020/2021 can be cancelled free of charge until 48 hours before your arrival in the following cases:

1.) The government of your country has issued a travel warning for Warth.

2.) When due to Covid-19 the ski area in Warth-Schröcken is closed.

Your advance payment will be accounted on your guest account as credit note for your next holiday.

In other cases, the following Austrian hotel- and contract terms are valid:

Up to 1 month before your arrival you have the possibility to cancel your reservation free of charge. In case of a cancellation between 1 month and 1 week before your arrival, 70% of the hotel costs will be charged. In the last week before your arrival, 90% of the hotel costs will be charged, when cancelling the holiday. If you do not

If you do not have a travel insurance, we advise you to take out the Jägeralpe Travel Insurance. The Jägeralpe Travel Insurance costs 2% of the entire hotel bill. The insurance covers the entire costs that exceed the deductible of € 400,- per room in the case of non-arrival or premature departure (e.g. due to illnesses or injury).

Additionally, rescue costs of up to € 7.267,- for the length of your stay are covered by the insurance. Furthermore, transportation costs for your car up to € 2.180,- are covered (in case your journey home is not feasible by car because of an insured event).

Responsible Winter Holiday

Have a look at the safety concept of the ski area Warth-Schröcken for the upcoming winter.

Family Jäger

Family Jäger

There is one thing we can promise you, the warm-hearted and familial atmosphere of the Jägeralpe remains.
You will be able to have a joyful and relaxing time as usual in our hotel.

We have implemented additional measures in our spacious hotel area to guarantee you safe holidays.
See you soon in the Jägeralpe - we are looking forward to welcoming you again.

The Jäger Family

The quiet side of the Arlberg #breathofthemountains#experiencethatlasts

Frequently Asked Questions

1) Can cancellation fees be charged when an official shutdown of the hotel or the village is ordered?

2) Can cancellation fees be charged when the hotel or the village is under quarantine?

3) Can cancellations fees be charged when my hometown or my holiday destination is shut down, the borders are closed?

4) In which cases can cancellation fees be charged?
- When the hotel is open and accessible from your home country/ home town
- When the guest is allowed to travel and cancels nevertheless (e.g. because of fear of infection)

5) What if an official travel warning for Austria exists?
An official travel warning for Austria is no reason for a cancellation free of charge.

6) What if I travel from a high-risk area into another high-risk area?
This varies depending on the countries and provinces you travel in. Please inform yourself at the responsible office in your home country.

7) In which case does the Jägeralpe travel insurance not apply?
- When cancelling because of caution, because a guest belongs to a risk group
- Fear of infection
- Cancellation reasons that have a causal link with Covid-19, e.g. loss of job
- In case you are in quarantine because a person in your close environment (private or workwise) has been tested positive

8) What happens when a guest falls ill during the holidays and he/ she is officially asked to make his/ her way home into quarantine?
In case the guest falls ill and has to make his/her way home, the trip interruption costs are covered up to the insured sum.

9) Due to an incident, the lifts in Warth- Schröcken are temporarily closed. Entitles this the guests to cancel or terminate the holidays free of costs, because skiing is not possible?
No. The ski lifts are in no connection with your booked hotel services. Therefore, you cannot cancel free of charge.

10)The borders of the guest’s home country are closed. Hence, the guest is unable to arrive as scheduled. What about the cancellation fee?
The guest is able to cancel free of charge.

11) The guest wants to chancel because he/ she is a risk patient.
This is not an insured case, an no reason for a cancellation free of charge. In the case that a risk patient has booked a stay for the winter, before Covied-19 happened, then there was enough time to cancel the holidays free of charge. When he/she did not chancel then or has booked a room when Covid-19 was already a present problem, then he/ she is responsible.

12) When returning home from Austria, the guest has to go into quarantine for 14 days.
This is no reason for a cancellation free of costs, because the guest is able to come to Austria.

13) The guest’s home country is currently in a lockdown. The people of the country are not allowed to go abroad.
In this case, a cancellation free of costs is possible.

14) The guest owns a credit card which includes a travel insurance and does not additionally book the travel insurance of the hotel. The holiday costs are fully covered?
CAREFUL! Insured events differ depending on the credit card provider. Please inform yourself about the following aspects:
- Which price is covered by the travel insurance?
- Are family members insured as well?
- Is the insurance only valid when the holiday was paid by credit card?
- How many cancellations per year are covered by the travel insurance?
- How high is the deductible?
- Is Covid-19 still a reason for exclusion of the insurance cover?
- Is the holiday interruption insured as well?