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01. Sep 18
1. Sep 18

Your inspiring time-out

Atelier am Berg

You feel the desire to discover your creative streak? You have a hidden talent or want to try out new techniques and handcrafts with the help of a professional?

But you never had enough time and the possibilities to create yourself a space for your creative hobby.

Then, the Atelier am Berg is just the thing you are looking for.

We all know the situation that we want to create a space for creative activities in our home. Until everything is set, the floor is covered, the materials are prepared, the canvas is in the right place, etc. etc. Until everything is in its place, the creative spark is gone and one decides to grab a book or to go for another alternative.

Why do not start with your new hobby while you are on holiday? We provide you with the opportunity and the required know how. Visit our atelier and allow yourself to be amazed by your hidden talents. At the end of your holiday, you can take home the gained knowledge and maybe also your first self-made vase or sculpture. Definitely a special souvenir and an experience that lasts.

Our Atelier am Berg is located in the attic and is designed as panorama loft which is light flooded and offers a wonderful view of the surrounding mountains.

The atelier is a highlight itself and a real place of power. The working spaces are equipped with tools, brushes, scissors and many more for limitless creativity.

The required material as paper, canvas, colours, wood, clay etc. can be found in the atelier. The atelier is open daily and under the supervision of a professional. The used materials are charged depending on the used amount and required effort.

More details on 16 May 2021!

Stay tuned, we are looking forward to it!
Family Jäger